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Fancomic and Fanart

Title: New Life
Author: rhapsodyoftales
Rating: G
Characters/pairing: France, England
Warning: None
Summary: "Did you return to me in this form?"

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Edit: We are planning to make other story in this verse. But maybe not in the near future
fruk chibi england france

artdump and fancomic

Author: rhapsodyoftales
Rating: G
Characters/pairing: England, France, fem!France
Warning: one of the art may make you get diabetes. a bit too much girly France.
Summary: random arts and fancomic

my sleeping beauty, I see you are drooling
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fruk chibi england france

[Fancomic] Valentine

Title: Valentine
Author: rhapsodyoftales
Rating: PG
Characters/pairing: England, France, other nations.
Warning:  francis without beard,  unstable sketch and lines.
Summary: So..this is a fruk valentine strip, as you can see it's a sketch and I don't know..maybe it's to sappy
but..hope you like it :)
There isn't any bubble text, so you can have your own interpretation though that the storyline is already obvious.

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fruk chibi england france

Saved Link (which I almost forgot)

Umm..hopelly, starting from today (maybe) I 'll post  comics and others direct to my page,so it will be easy to follow :)

Our work thus far:

1. Taisetsu na

our first project..

2. Rose on Apron (challenge fest)
click for aprons!

3. doodle

hoho..u might be excited..

4. Pics of France and England (and some genderbent stuff)

wanna see female france?

5. Pirates  and  kiss

they are awesome

6. Happy New Year

we've just got a happy new year!
fruk chibi england france

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Umm.. We decide that we should start to write something in our livejournal. Yes, rhapsodyoftales is actually 2 person. The one who draws everything is sasaluc. The other is rhapsody who post things and gives her idea. As you probably think, english is not our mother tongue. Sorry if its bother you.

So, today we decide to hang around in a mall..
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